Lonzo Ball’s NBA career hasn’t lived up to what his dad LaVar Ball hyped up to be yet, but he’s making the most of it. The latest addition to the New Orleans Pelicans via trade showed off his new tattoo sleeve, and it’s a homage to Black History’s biggest icons.

Lauren London, The Game, and more say their final "goodbyes" with new tattoos.

Birdman is finally smelling the grown-up coffee. The Cash Money Records founder wants to remove all the gangster art from his face.

Looks like we have yet another example of “they” trying to get “us.” The FBI is reportedly working on tattoo recognition technology to profile people.

Man o man does this rap game weave a tight-knit circle.

YG ensured that he will always have salvation on his mind–after he let a tattoo artist paint a giant mural of the Virgin Mary all across his dome.

No one in the world has to live with the brand spanking new Chris Brown head tattoo, but that doesn’t mean everyone and their mother doesn’t have an opinion on his dome artwork.

Wiz Khalifa may or may not have a new girlfriend but Amber Rose doesn’t have any f*ck to give in her yoga pants.

Men tend to do stupid sh*t when their significant other catches them doing wrong. Case in point; after Blac Chyna blew up Tyga’s spot about wanting her back, the Young Money rapper appeared the next day with a tattoo of Kylie Jenner’s name on his arm. 

How far would you go to idolize your favorite singer? If your name is Sarah Ridge, you turn your entire body into a pictorial shine to never forget that they mean the world to you.

Kim Kardashian doesn’t just post photos of herself, and her ass, on Instagram. She shared pics of Kanye West‘s new tattoos, after talking him out of getting one on his face. 

Drake is as popular as an artist as one could humanly imagine, so fan’s getting his mottos tattooed on their body is something we’ve grown to accept.