Serena Williams is definitely still retired despite recent chatter that a comeback was on the horizon, but the tennis great was misquoted.


Serena Williams continues put on for women. She recently sported a very empowering ensemble during one of the premier sporting events of the year.


Serena Williams took the French Open to Wakanda for a moment after taking to the clay courts to rock an all-Black catsuit that took on several meanings for her. The tennis star says she wore the suit both for medical reasons but also to show and prove that mothers can bounce back from childbirth.

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Serena Williams, 32, defeated Caroline Wozniacki in the United States Open Final on Sunday (September 7) 6-3, 6-3, taking home her 18th Grand Slam singles title.


The Miami Dolphins have embarked on a quest that would have their ailing franchise rise from the fiery lake of oblivion, inhabited by only the worst of NFL teams, and rejuvenated as an AFC powerhouse to be reckoned with. New team owner Stephen Ross is doing everything he can to take his biggest investment to […]