The Miami Dolphins have embarked on a quest that would have their ailing franchise rise from the fiery lake of oblivion, inhabited by only the worst of NFL teams, and rejuvenated as an AFC powerhouse to be reckoned with.

New team owner Stephen Ross is doing everything he can to take his biggest investment to the top, and in doing so, is allowing some of the world’s top notch names in sports and entertainment to come along for the ride. Jimmy Buffett, Gloria and Emilo Estefan, and Marc Anthony are but some of the big names tapped to purchase minor ownership shares in the team, all in the name of raising the franchise’s public profile by combining it with star power.

As big as those names are, they still pale in comparison to the latest addition to the teams expanding roster of celebrity stake holders. Tennis prodigies, Venus and Serena Williams have thrown their names in the ring, and will take a stake in the South Florida football franchise.

Though not yet officially confirmed, the Williams Sister’s involvement in this landmark undertaking underscores the obvious racial tensions that involve minorities in NFL front offices. There has never been a Black majority owner in the history of the league. The unparalleled move adds validity to the effort that Ross is putting into showing the diversity found within Miami as a community, represented via the team that serves as an ambassador for the world to the rest of the nation and world.

While speaking on the deal, Serena Williams expressed a less holistic view, saying, “There’s always so many opportunities out there, and Venus and I are always trying to expand our brand and do the best that we can do. And if an opportunity presents itself, we would love to see where it can take us. Who knows what’s going to happen, but hopefully we’ll be able to hopefully continue to expand our brand.”

Fans attending games at Land Shark Stadium can expect a different experience from what was offered in times past. New renovations adorn the classic football arena with one of the biggest changes being one that cannot be seen, but rather heard. Jimmy Buffet has written a new song for Dolphins fans to cheer too while Tallahassee native, T-Pain, has added his auto-tune stylings to a more modern, revamped version of the Dolphins classic fight song.

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