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Touré has a penchant for outlandish statements, and he continued that trend on MSNBC’s The Cycle Tuesday (February 5) afternoon. After showing outright support for the Justice Department’s use of unmanned drone strikes, the former BET correspondent was heavily criticized by his co-hosts and on social media, reports Mediaite. 

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Being Jewish doesn’t mean that Shyne automatically sides with Israel over the unrest in the Middle East resulting in airstrikes launched to and from Palestine. The longstanding disagreement between the two countries hit another bloody note last week when Israel shot missiles across the border, into neighboring Gaza City, as a reported act of self-defense. […]


Hafiz Saeed, wanted to give the U.S. help after Sandy destroyed areas of the East Coast, and was swiftly turned down. The Pakistani terrorist leader, and accused mastermind of 2008 attacks on Mumbai that killed over 160 people, sent out a written statement Wednesday (Oct. 31) offering up both supplies and volunteers to help in the […]


It wouldn’t be Halloween without a little struggle right? Chris Brown made an interesting decision in choosing a costume when he and his friends dressed up as Arab terrorists.

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Rush Limbaugh’s attacks on President Obama have sunken to a new low. It’s one thing to have partisan views, but Limbaugh tip-toed further across the line of decency by claiming that al-Qaeda wants to help the president look good. Limbaugh believes that the terrorist group sacrificed Osama bin Laden for the commander in chief’s gain, views […]

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Four other U.S. Army soldiers in Georgia, have been charged for their connection to a militia group which plotted to kill President Obama. The group, known as Forever Enduring Always Ready (F.E.A.R.), is believed to have carried out illegal gang activity, with goals of overthrowing the government, District Attorney Tom Durden announced Tuesday (Sept. 11). […]

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Members of the NYPD spied on Muslim residents in the New York and New Jersey, but the inquiries have come to a partial end. Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa held a private meeting in Newark, N.J. Wednesday (Sept. 4) informing attendees that the surveillance—which the department claimed it started to thwart potential terrorist attacks—is no more. […]


The NYPD is ready to fess up. The department has admitted that spying on Muslims in New York City and surrounding areas, was an epic waste of money, resources, and time. The investigation helmed by the Demographics Unit was not only a form of discrimination, but provided no leads into potential terrorist activity. With the […]


A 23-year-old Georgia man was convicted on terror-related charges after five-hours of deliberating, prosecutors said. Ehsanul Islam Sadequee of an Atlanta suburb was found guilty after a seven-day trial on four counts of supporting terrorism and a foreign terrorists organization, CNN reports. Just weeks ago, a federal judge convicted Sadequee’s accomplice, Syed Haris Ahmed, of […]