Who is the greatest fictional TV mother in history? Per Twitter, it's looking like Claire Huxtable, portrayed by Phylicia Rashad, of The Cosby Show, and it's not even close.

Nicki Minaj is using her platform for good and this time, it’s Geoffrey Owens who’ll receive the queen’s blessing. The “Hard White” rapper hit up Queen Radio on Thursday, September 7, to shame anyone who ridiculed the famous Cosby Show actor for working at Trader Joe’s in between acting jobs.

Geoffrey Owens, an actor who rose to fame as part of the cast for NBC’s hit program The Cosby Show, appears to have fallen on hard times. Owens was seen recently working at a New Jersey Trader Joe’s and looking less like the suave character he played on the show.

A topless woman who ran at Bill Cosby as he was leaving a Pennsylvania courtroom was arrested for the act. It has come out that the woman was a former actress who appeared on The Cosby Show, and has made it her mission to call out the entertainer for the numerous sexual abuse allegations he’s […]

Lisa Bonet is finally speaking about Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual assaults. The actress now says she had a bad feeling about him in the 80’s,

Emmy-winning actor David Smyrl, best known for his role on Sesame Street, has died at 80 years old. The Philadelphia native was diagnosed with lung cancer in January of this year.

On your television screen, the family of Heathcliff and Claire Huxtable represented a shining beacon of Black excellence.

The myriad of reactions from various Cosby Show members has been an intriguing scenario to watch during the year-long stretch of allegations forced upon the comedic legend.

While he was less predatory than his real-life counterpart, the fictional Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable constantly stayed around dimes.

Cosby Show actor and 90s posterchild for Black Brooks Brothers everywhere, Joseph C. Phillips is stepping out in front of all his former co-stars and proclaiming that Bill Cosby is indeed guilty as accused.

“Forget the women,” a statement stern in purpose, is what famed actress Phylicia Rashad reportedly said when she broke silence about alleged sexual deviant Bill Cosby’s growing number of accusers — sparking plenty backlash in the process. However, The Cosby Show star claims that she was misquoted.

After most cast members from The Cosby Show were silent about Bill Cosby’s multiple rape allegations, Phylicia Rashad came forward to offer her opinion. It was not a particularly popular one.