The E.n.D.

A copyright infringement lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court by Plaintiffs Ebony Latrice Batts, a/k/a Phoenix Phenom, and Manfred Mohr, against Will.I.Am (William Adams Jr.), Fergie (Stacy Ann Ferguson), Apl.De.Ap (Alan Pineada Lindo), and Taboo (Jaime Gomez), all individually and collectively as the music group the Black Eyed Peas. Also named in […]

The Black Eyed Peas are riding high after breaking the Billboard record for longest act on the top 100 with their successful singles, “I Gotta Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow.” Unfortunately for the chart topping group, someone’s stepped up to shoot them down. A former employee on the Peas’ concert tour is suing the band […]

The Black Eyed Peas Peapod Foundation will be creating two new state-of-the-art music and media academies for youth in Oakland and Redwood City, California with the help of the Adobe Foundation. The purpose of this joint venture is to provide the youth with access to multi-media production tools that are a necessity to produce video, […]

A British DJ is accusing the Black Eyed Peas of stealing one of his beats. On his Twitter, DJ Adam Freeland said: “OK. Check this. Listen to our song ‘Mancry’. Now listen to Black Eyed Peas ‘Party all the time’ WTF!” “Mancry” was released on Freeland’s album Cope in June. “Party All the Time” is […]