The Black Eyed Peas are riding high after breaking the Billboard record for longest act on the top 100 with their successful singles, “I Gotta Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow.” Unfortunately for the chart topping group, someone’s stepped up to shoot them down. A former employee on the Peas’ concert tour is suing the band for an undisclosed amount of damages. Winter Sumpter claims that she was severely injured during band’s 2007 “Black Blue & You” Tour. During the band’s Burbank, California performance, Sumpter says she fell through a flight of stairs when “one of the treads became detached.”

In her court claim she says she suffered “severe and permanent injuries” and was left with “mental, physical, nervous pain and suffering.” Of course she’s pointing the finger at the Peas for her clumsiness but she’s not stopping there.  She is also asking for a handout from   their tour manager, and other concert officials. You know what they say; more money, more problems.

Despite the shady lawsuit, the Peas can crown themselves victorious overseas after a ban on one of their concerts was lifted. The band made headlines after Malaysian officials banned Muslim citizens from attending their upcoming concert in the country. Now however, that ban has been lifted and all citizens of Malaysia are free to attend at their will. The ban was put in place because the concert is sponsored by the Irish beer company, Guinness. Muslims are denounced from using alcohol as part of their Islamic law. Muslim officials have yet to provide a reason why the ban was lifted but they are imposing strict rules. Guinness will not be allowed to sell their product at the concert or use its logo for publicity. The concert is part of the beer company’s 250th anniversary.