The Last Dance

All good things must come to an end, unfortunately, and that's the case with the ESPN's 10-part Michael Jordan series, The Last Dance.

The 10-part Michael Jordan docuseries concluded on Sunday (May 17) and fans are saying it is one of the best sports documentaries of all time

During the Mother's Day broadcast of 10-part ESPN series, Jordan's first retirement, the murder of his father, and his fierce competitiveness are all covered across two episodes.


Almost three decades later Reebok has decided to troll Michael Jordan's antics and have decided to re-release it's 2018 USA Dream Team inspired USA track jacket with a short video acknowledging MJ's not so subliminal shot at them by writing, "We would have preferred the flag on the other shoulder."

The 10-part series from ESPN brings viewers up to speed regarding the relationship between Jordan and Bryant, and why the iconic player retired twice at the top of his game plus much more.

Just like last week, The Fumble's hosts Chris Clarke (@CK2K) and Jackie Rae (@JRaeTheFanatic) return to discuss all of the sports tea we learned from the fantastic documentary that highlights the 1998 Chicago Bulls run to their final championship.

In the second airing of the 10-part limited series on ESPN, Rodman's rise as an elite basketball player and complement to the Chicago Bulls and the Bulls' rivalry with the Detroit Pistons were highlighted.


Last night (April 19) ESPN captivated much of the world with the premier of their highly anticipated Chicago Bulls docu-series, The Last Dance, and though there's still many episodes to go, today Jordan Brand will be hosting a live discussion that fans will be able to tune into.

Last night (April 20), the first two episodes of ESPN's The Last Dance aired and they lived up all the hype and then some. The docuseries follows Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls as they make a run for their last championship and it was filled with enough history and basketball action to get Twitter into a frenzy.