This is a sad situation all around as the Ol' Dirty Bastard's cousin, Robert Diggs a.k.a The RZA owns and operates Wu-Tang Clan Productions.


The RZA promotes peace and unity but he is still about his coin. He has filed suit against several parties who have been selling unauthorized Wu-Tang Clan merchandise.


The North Face has announced the launch of its fall brand campaign, It’s More Than A Jacket, an initiative honoring and celebrating the memories and stories of adventure created over the brand’s more than 55-year history.


One of Hip-Hop’s most talented producers is ready to get back to his solo career. The RZA has confirmed he has a new project on the way.


All these decades later and we still hear no trick knowledge coming from the Wu. That's why we love em.


While the RZA hasn't made a big splash since his iconic battle versus DJ Premier he still has the magic touch when it comes to the arts. The Abbot has been enlisted by one of America's most beloved brands to update a modern classic.


The Wu-Tang Clan is currently out promoting their new HULU series WU-TANG: AN AMERICAN SAGA. The RZA along with his son Rakeem stopped by Xbox Sessions to talk about the 8-part show and of face-off in a classic board game Xbox’s latest title, Gears 5.


The RZA‘s really been trying to find his footing in the Hollywood game for the past few years and though his directorial debut The Man With The Iron Fists was entertaining, his follow-up film Love Beats Rhymes, was eh. Now that the man responsible for some of the greatest Hip-Hop production in the 90’s has completed his […]

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Star of The Man With The Iron Fists, The RZA, has announced an exclusive, limited-edition set of music from his upcoming movie will be released at his site,

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Running down the list is of Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA’s achievements over the last 20 years would impress anyone. Not only has the “Abbot” of the WTC created one of Hip-Hop’s most legendary crews along with cementing a rich musical legacy, Rzarector has channeled his vision into acting, scoring films and now a film company […]