The Weeknd is the most popular musician in the world, according to the Guinness World Records.

The Weeknd isn't pleased with 'Rolling Stone,' prompting him to post a clip from his upcoming HBO series where his character called the publication "irrelevant." The singer was apparently responding to criticism and reports of chaos surrounding the show in an article 'Rolling Stone' recently published.


Good news Weeknd fans, Meta Quest has teamed up with the Canadian crooner to bring you an experience like no other as some of his biggest hits will be coming to a few virtual reality headsets and let you journey through the world of one Abel Makkonen Tesfaye.

The Canadian rapper and pop star have decided to opt out of The Grammy Awards for the second year in a row.

Canadian superstar The Weeknd had to cancel a Los Angeles concert mid-performance on Saturday night. 

The "Say So" singer shared that she'll drop out The Weeknd's summer tour in order to recover from tonsil surgery.

Sources close to the deal say Ye was offered a cool $8.5 million for his appearance and The Weeknd wants the same but it appears there may be some resistance to that agreement.

Timbaland was out here in these innanet streets proclaiming The Weeknd's new album is comparable to arguably the best pop album of all time and indeed the best-selling album of any genre—Michael Jackson's Thriller.

The Weeknd has confirmed he is dropping a new album in the most The Weeknd way ever. On brand, the Canadian crooner shared a visual preview announcing the new project.

The Weeknd is going ten toes down with his feelings towards The Grammys. He has called out the committee as being unscrupulous and more.

One of the most decorated awards show is losing out on a top performer. And all signs are pointing to them being at fault.