One of the best dramas to ever do it is getting a digital makeover for a special return.

Anwan Glover, known to fans of HBO’s The Wire as “Slim Charles,” was assaulted and stabbed last night (early Sunday morning, August 3) in a Washington, DC nightclub. The actor was taken to a local hospital for treatment. 

Nathan “Bodie” Barksdale, the self-proclaimed inspiration for Avon Barksdale, a main character from HBO’s critically acclaimed series, The Wire, was arrested on November 29 for his alleged role in a heroin conspiracy with another man, Suraj Tairu.

Michael B. Jordan dazzled moviegoers with his gripping performance in this year’s Fruitvale Station. Now, the rising star has reportedly been tapped to play Johnny Storm, AKA the Human Torch, in a reboot of Marvel’s Fantastic Four franchise.

British actor Idris Elba came into renown stateside for playing business minded drug dealer Stringer Bell on The Wire. However, it turns out Elba has only seen episodes of the HBO series here and there, and has never seen a full season of the show.  

Although Dwayne “Dubbs” Mitchell was beloved and known for his generosity in his Lower East Side neighborhood, he was also a notorious drug kingpin. The NYPD took down Mitchell and 10 other men, using techniques seemingly ripped out of HBO’s cop drama, The Wire.

A television pilot has the power to make or break a network and its cast. These 15 single episodes broke the mold and went on to change TV history.

After The Wire made the phrase “my name is my name” infamous, it got a brand new life when Pusha T made it the title of his new album. Actor Jaime Hector, who portrayed Marlo Stanfield, the Baltimore drug dealer that uttered the phrase on the show, broke down how it came to be.

Actor Tristan Wilds made a name for himself after his breakout role as Michael Lee on HBO‘s smash hit series, The Wire. With a name change and new direction, Tristan is now known as Mack Wilds as he embarks on a singing and rapping career.

It’s a sad day for fans of HBO series The Wire. Actor Robert F. Chew, best known for playing character “Proposition” Joe Stewart in the critically acclaimed television series, has died.

Donnie Andrews, the man who inspired the iconic character, Omar, on HBO’s The Wire has died, he was 58. Andrews passed away in New York City after undergoing emergency heart surgery, Thursday (Dec. 13).

If you’re a connoisseur of fine cuisine, or just watch a lot of food centered TV shows, you should be familiar with Anthony Bourdain. The renowned chef’s ‘No Reservations’ on the Travel Channel is coming to an end, and for its finale he caught up with actor Michael K. Williams (Omar Little from The Wire) to […]