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UPDATE: David Simon took to Twitter to clear up that something got in translation with the original story this post was sourced on. It turns out he is working on a miniseries based in Baltimore, but actors from The Wire are not involved.

It’s been more than a decade since HBO ended it’s incredibly popular and culture favorite hustler series The Wire, and though we’ve never gotten any spinoff that we surely would’ve supported fans of the show we be getting something in the vein of the classic show, but not necessarily a blood relative.

Raw Story is reporting that the man who penned and produced five glorious seasons The Wire, David Simon is planning on reuniting the cast of his classic gritty crime drama for a new series revolving around Baltimore’s police force. But don’t get your hopes up, it will not be a direct continuation of the city life that introduced us to “Hamsterdam.”

Damn! Still, somethings better than nothing. David Simon will be working with crime writer George Pelecanos, who spilled the beans to a french magazine of their plans.

The news first came from crime writer George Pelecanos, who told French magazine Society that he was working with Simon and “Wire” writer Ed Burns on a new project set in Baltimore.Pelecanos said the new show would focus “on the city’s police force which, in the past few years, has had to deal with several major corruption scandals within its ranks.”

After he was asked about Pelecanos comments on Twitter, Simon responded with a simple “Real. But not a sequel.”

Damnit!! Again, something’s better than nothing.

No word yet on which former Wire cast members are being considered to join or whether or not anyone’s been confirmed, but once that series is officially announced we’ll be counting down the days to the series premier.