the wire

The Wire At 20 will focus on the iconic police and crime drama The Wire with series alum Method Man serving as the podcast's host.

Charm City will never forget the impact of Michael K. Williams. The Baltimore Ravens paid tribute to the actor with his iconic whistle as Omar from The Wire.

The popular crime drama franchises are distinctly different shows but it's fair to see how folks would compare the two.


David Simon took to Twitter to clear up that something got in translation with the original story this post was sourced on. It turns out he is working on a miniseries based in Baltimore, but actors from The Wire are not involved.

50 cent

We swear the day that 50 Cent stops randomly beefing with other celebrities will be the day that 50 Cent is laid down in a casket.

Veteran television and film actor Reg E. Cathey thrilled audiences as Norman Wilson on HBO’s popular drama The Wire, and later as a member of Netflix’s House of Cards cast. Cathey died Friday after a reported battle with lung cancer.


The floods that hit Louisiana over the past weekend were devastating. Among the victims was actor Wendell Pierce aka “Bunk” from The Wire, who lost his Baton Rouge home. 

Wendell Pierce, aka William “Bunk” Moreland on The Wire, was arrested on Saturday (May 14) for allegedly assaulting a woman. The source of the beef was reportedly her support of Bernie Sanders. 

Fans of The Wire should remember Melvin Williams, who played the serene, soft-spoken Deacon on the popular HBO program. Williams died Thursday in his home state of Maryland at the age of 73.

Freddie Gray’s death and the protests that followed drew the line between police and Black and brown civilians deeper in the sand. Those feelings of angst resonated throughout the country, as shown in this footage of actor Chad L. Coleman reacting angrily to racist comments said by a New York City train passenger.

If you peeped Snoop Dogg’s No. 1 video for this past week’s The Wrap Up: Hip-Hop Wired’s Top 10 Videos of the Week, then you would have peeped the friendly assist he got from Felicia “Snoop” Pearson throughout the swaggy visual.