Picking a proper rap name is crucial. But many MC’s clearly didn’t take this advice into consideration. The homies at The Smoking Section have made a tradition of putting together well thought out lists of suspect rapper names for the past two years already, and now deliver 9 Rappers That Need A Name Change. Mr. Limp? […]

In between promoting her forthcoming autobiography and speaking out as a spokesperson for literacy, Miami Dade rapper Jacki-O is dropping a new single. The author of “Grown and Gangsta” has teamed up with actor Tray Chaney of HBO’s The Wire for a new single playing into their real life experiences and street influence. In between […]

The man that penned the critically acclaimed HBO Series “The Wire” has passed away at the age of 48. A spokesperson for HBO confirmed that writer David Mills died Tuesday of a brain aneurysm. The network has since released a statement saying, “”HBO is deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our dear friend and […]

E1 Music has announced that they will release The Avon Barksdale Story- Legends Of The Unwired– in March 2010. This gripping film won Best Docudrama at this year’s NY International Independent Film & Video Festival and reveals the raw truth about death, drugs, and violence in the streets of Baltimore, MD. In The Avon Barksdale […]

Arguably the most esteemed University in the country, Harvard University, is expanding its academic curriculum to include a class on HBO’s hit television series, The Wire. Sociology Professor William J. Wilson will teach the course and told the Harvard newspaper, The Crimson, how the television program can help to better understand poverty. “The Wire has […]