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NBC’s The Wiz Live! broke social media records and was a ratings magnet last week but imagine how many more televisions would have been illuminated had Beyonce been singing her heart out as Dorothy or Glinda, the Good Witch of the South.


As anyone with a pulse should have expected, NBC’s The Wiz Live!  was a huge hit. According to Nielsen, 11M viewers watched the live cast and it also was a massive hit on Twitter, too. 

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Simply put, last night’s The Wiz Live! on NBC was everything. Shanice Williams (she’s just 19!) slayed as Dorothy and she had incredible backing from the likes of Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige, Ne-Yo, Uzo Aduba and more. 

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NBC’s The Wiz Live! hasn’t even aired yet and it already has people of the closeted racist and All Lives Matter variations up in arms.


CNN and Black Twitter aren’t the best of buds, considering that the major news network has often treated the popular segment of the social media platform like a science experiment. The network is back to its hijinks after they assigned a Black writer to write a piece essentially telling white folks to tune into Black […]


The star-studded cast of NBC’s highly anticipated The Wiz Live! has been revealed and the costume rehearsals have immediately commenced. The network released a teaser photo of the classic tale’s four amigos for audiences to prep themselves ahead of The Wiz Live! air date on December 3.

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NBC’s The Wiz Live! is gearing up to be quite an event. Featuring a bevy of known stars alongside a handful of newcomers, the live production of the beloved  play has added actor/rapper Common, R&B singer/songwriter Ne-Yo, and actor Elijah Kelley to its growing cast


NBC is wasting no time finalizing the casting jobs for this holiday season’s The Wiz Live! David Alan Grier was just named as the Cowardly Lion and 18-year-old Shanice Williams has just been handpicked to serve as the show’s maraschino cherry by playing lead character, Dorothy.


In Living Color alumnus David Alan Grier will play the role of the Cowardly Lion in NBC‘s upcoming musical, The Wiz Live. The veteran actor, who is currently a co-star in an upcoming NBC series, joins Queen Latifah, Mary J. Blige and Stephanie Mills in a star-studded cast.

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After Peter Pan Live failed to keep viewers from creating social media slander, NBC has dug into its bag ‘o tricks and decided to give The Wiz a go.


Although many think of the classic soul music musical The Wiz as a film, it actually got its start as a theater play. NBC announced Monday (Mar. 30) that it will air its next live musical in conjunction with the high-flying Cirque du Soleil troupe later this year.


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