A personal shopper hired by Hart racked up over $1 million in credit charges and was charged today in New York.

If you were one of the many people suspicious of USPS stealing your items, this story is your AHA moment.

A Georgia man was arrested on Tuesday (May 21) in Tennesee on an outstanding warrant theft by deception and has been tagged as a so-called serial swindler. John Martin Hill allegedly stole $80,000 from a woman he just met via the dating website

Tune in to what the rapper had to say about being named a suspect.

NYPD in the Boogie Down need to improve their foot work. A high school student left them befuddled after being apprehended.

Christopher Williams, a popular 90’s R&B star, found himself hopping in the struggle mobile last fall after he was caught trying to lift a pair of headphones out of a Georgia department store. Williams skipped his court date for the petty theft, and a bench warrant is now out for his arrest.

Floyd Mayweather has filed a lawsuit against ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson, who allegedly stole credit cards and cash from the boxer.

Malachi Love-Robinson, the Florida teen who was arrested earlier this year on charges of posing as a doctor, was arrested Monday (Aug. 29) on what appears to be outstanding warrants. The former “Dr. Love” is facing new charges of larceny and fraud after being jailed for a few hours and later posting bond.

Thieves in New York City have great taste when it comes to the items they like to snatch. According to the New York Post headphone theft has increased in the city, and the most popular brand just happens to be Beats by Dre. “They’re very hot among thieves,” explained a police source. “It’s like, ‘I […]

Mayor Sheila Dixon is facing major jail time after being found guilty of stealing gift cards that were meant for poor citizens of her city and using them for her own personal use. A jury found her guilty on one count of fraudulent misappropriation by a fiduciary while acquitting her on one count of misconduct […]