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Nike Reports Quarterly Earnings

Source: Justin Sullivan / Getty

Over the last few years high-stakes sneaker heists have become routine as the sneaker business is just as profitable as anything else out here on these streets. The trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon as everyone out here is looking to make bank off the ever-growing sneaker culture.

CBS Chicago is reporting that police in the Windy City uncovered a den of stolen sneakers in a warehouse on the West Side of Chicago that housed millions of dollars worth of stolen Nikes, Jordans and Yeezy sneakers that were lifted off of freight trains carrying the valuable footwear. Apparently the hot merchandise was transported there from all corners of the United States to the Austin-based warehouse and flipped to retailers who had no idea that they were buying stolen sneakers.

CBS Chicago reports:

“Whether it be Nike products or UGG products or Adidas or Supreme, a lot of massive amounts of property, it’s probably close to $5 million in merchandise, minimum,” said Lyons Police Chief Tom Heroin.

The massive bust was the result of an investigation by the Lyons Police Department after a cargo theft was reported in the village about a week ago. That led investigators to the warehouse, where a search warrant was issued, and the mother load of theft rings was uncovered.

The site was already on the radar of multiple railroad companies and the Illinois Attorney General’s Office as rail cargo thefts have surged nationwide and become costly for companies.

“What they would do is they’d commit these cargo thefts, like from Memphis, Tennessee. They’d re-label it, and they would ship it here. They would unpackage it, repackage it, and it’s a 100% markup, because they got it all for nothing,” Heroin said.

That sounds like quite the operation that required much man power and coordination. Though only two people have been arrested and charged in connection with the bust, a few others are under investigation. Who knows how many other dominos will fall as a result given the size and scope of this undertaking.

The Lyons Police Department is expected to hold a press conference later this week to explain its finding in the case and information on the individuals involved in the investigation, but what sneaker heads really want to know is which grails were found in this massive bust. Limited edition Jordans? Jarrito Dunks? Supreme Dunks? We. Must. Know!

What do y’all think of this latest massive sneaker bust? Inside job or very well coordinated crooks? Sound off in the comments section below.