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Nike Hit By Supply Chain Shortages Struggles To Keep Up With Demand Ahead Of Holiday Season

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Just when it seemed like high-stakes sneaker theft was a thing of the past, thieves hit another major lick and made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Nike sneakers this week. However, they didn’t get far.

According to WREG News 3, a group of men broke into a boxcar in North Memphis Monday (Aug. 14), and stole $400,000 worth of Nike’s in the wee hours of the morning. Unfortunately for them, police were quickly alerted to the robbery and showed up while the robbery was in process. With five cars parked on the scene of the crime including four Nissans and a Honda, police knew it was about to go down, and down it went.

WREG reports:

According to reports, multiple suspects were wearing dark clothing and ski masks. They were seen carrying multiple boxes from a train to their cars.

Officers attempted to stop some of the suspects, but four of them fled the scene on foot. After a chase, officers caught Terry Sullivan, who had a Nissan key in his front pocket.

Another suspect, Robert Doyle, ran inside the business warehouse, which MPD says only had one door. An employee locked him in, and police went in and saw him hiding under a large toolbox.

The other two suspects on foot got away.

During the incident, police say a black Nissan Maxima carrying more men sped past them and was able to get away.

As for Robert Doyle and Terry Sullivan, both men were booked and charged with five counts of Burglary of a Vehicle and Theft of Property $60,000 – $250,000. Don’t be surprised if they start dropping dime to escape doing a lengthy prison sentence. All over sneakers.

As crazy as these hits have become over the past few years, sneakerheads really just want to know which sneakers were stolen and whether or not it’ll affect their chances of getting the exclusive grails that are hard enough to cop as is. Did these thieves ransack a bunch of bricks that no one wants, or were they tipped off that this truck had some unreleased retro Jordans or SB Dunks that we’ve been waiting on?

We need some sneaker police on these cases to let us know so we can be either horrified, or breathe a sigh of relief. Just sayin’.

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