Even though Kanye West has shown very little flexibility as a free thinker he has admitted his team isn’t moving right. He confirmed a YEEZY employee was guilty of a style thievery.

Don’t be fooled, the jux can come disguised as some Bangin Candy as well. One unfortunate fellow learned this the hard way when he was relieved of $70,000 dollars worth of jewelry by a shady vixen.

A sneaker bandit caught a sweet lick. Reportedly, $14,000 in Nike shoes were pilfered from a parked truck in Memphis.

By now, you have heard of the struggle that went down at the BET Hip Hop Awards. Besides Rick Ross vs. Young Jeezy, there was also a Gunplay vs. G-Unit altercation as well. The Breakfast Club spoke to Don Logan to get more details about what happened this past weekend in Atlanta. The Miami rapper […]

Where were you Yeezy? LAPD confirms that Kanye West’s Los Angeles home has been burglarized, reports TMZ. Ye is currently off performing on the European leg of the Watch The Throne tour, besides blessing his girlfriend Kim Kardashian’s mom with a new Bentley, so he was not home at the time of the break in.