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Source: Twitter/@kanyewest / Twitter/@kanyewest

Even though Kanye West has shown very little flexibility as a free thinker he has admitted his team isn’t moving right. He confirmed a YEEZY employee was guilty of a style thievery.

In April, the Trump sympathizer took to Twitter to share some sketches of pant build out stating “this is where a YEEZY study for base layer starts. I’m so excited about our new design team. Yeezy is no longer a fashion company we should be referred to as apparel or clothing or simply YEEZY.”

Well, come to find out, these rough drafts were jacked from Tony Spackman, Director at Givenchy, who originally penned these drawings 15 years ago when he worked at Nike.

West pointed the finger at a new employee who stole the illustration. “Today I learned that a newly hired designer on the Yeezy team presented work that was not of their own. This person has immediately been let go from the Yeezy brand.” he explained.

He then went to state that the plagiarized work inspired him  and rushed to posting it.

The Givenchy designer chimed in via an Instagram Live story saying ““Sorry, 13 year old sketch. Unlucky for some.” with a thumbs down emoji. Earlier this year, YEEZY Supply was accused of blatantly stealing camouflage schemes from an outdoor apparel company.