The most hated man in Hip-Hop is over the threats on his well being. DJ Akademiks is now saying that rappers talking greasy about him need more people.

While it did make for good slander on the internets, the release of the Wale audio threatening a Complex writer has drawn a lot of ire from fellow journalists and other media outlets. Complex has since responded with an article justifying their actions.

Wale is passionate about his craft. So passionate that he’ll make his feelings known with no chill. Apparently Complex wasn’t aware of this distinct character trait when they omitted him from a recent best of 2013 list.

Actor and funnyman Mike Epps is embroiled in a potentially nasty feud with his 18-year-old daughter, Bria. According to his daughter’s account, Mike Epps was said to have threatened bodily harm to his child, this after a dangled threat of Bria putting some unfavorable family happenings out into the public. TMZ nabbed an exclusive interview […]