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While it did make for good slander on the internets, the release of the Wale audio threatening a Complex writer has drawn a lot of ire from fellow journalists and other media outlets. Complex has since responded with an article justifying their actions.

In a story posted earlier today, Senior Editor Rob Kenner went into length about the site’s move to go public with the audio. “The decision to publish Wale’s irate phone call to a Complex Media editor last week was not made lightly” Kenner explained. “In the 24 hours following the D.C. rapper’s Wednesday afternoon rant multiple meetings took place during which serious debate ensued amongst Complex’s music department and senior staff.”

Needless to say the Complex crew took did not take Wale’s statements about getting the security ready lightly. “Others, myself included, maintained that any time anyone threatens violence against any member of our staff, that threat must be taken seriously and addressed. Our intention was not to retaliate or sensationalize but simply to document a credible threat against not just one reporter but our entire team—from accounting to ad sales, IT, HR, even college interns.”

In an attempt to justify their actions the article also provided a history of rappers intimidating or attacking journalists including Foxy Brown, Masta Killah of the Wu-Tang Clan, Wyclef Jean and Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie.

Additionally Kenner offered some much needed clarification on the New York State law within regard to recording phone calls. “Under New York State law either party on a phone call is allowed to record a conversation for their own purposes” he spelled out. In terms of journalistic ethics, Wale never said anything was “off the record.””

Since the audio hit the world wide web, Wale has yet to make a formal response but has since made satirical video of him going up to the Complex offices with his “tool” which is revealed to be as his laptop.

Do you agree with Complex after reading their written reply? Let us know where you stand on the situation in the comments below.

Lastly, Wale gave his side of the story on Hot 97.

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