Tiny and T.I.


Lately the allegations of sexual assault against the couple have just been racking up with multiple women accusing them of similar actions. 

Jada Pinkett-Smith is no stranger to tough parenting issues, so it seems fitting that T.I. would appear on the platform to discuss his controversial statement regarding his daughter’s virginity.


The Bermuda Love Triangle that is T.I., his wife, Tiny Harris, and supposed T.I. cheese, Bernice Burgos, has once again erupted on social media.

When news broke that T.I. was released from prison, the streets were abuzz with word that the King was released to a halfway house to finish out the remainder of his jail sentence. Now just a week later, reports are surfacing that T.I.’s wasting no time since his release and getting back in the studio. […]

Just when you thought you’d have to wait till March of 2010 for the ‘King of the South’ to make his return, think again. T.I.’s release date from prison is March 23 but rumors were swirling Tuesday that the king was already out of the bing and had quietly retreated to his Atlanta home. The […]