Soccer players aren’t the only ones being panned for the controversial “quenelle” gesture. All-Star guard and longtime San Antonio Spur, Tony Parker recently was cinged in the same pot of hot water which Nicolas Anelka found himself boiling in.

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From barbershops to boardrooms, there is sure to be chatter about tonight’s 2013 NBA Finals clash between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. Although the Spurs coasted in their Western Conference finals series by sweeping the Memphis Grizzlies, the Heat had to battle a tough Indiana Pacers squad in a grueling Eastern Conference […]

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Tony Parker’s $20,000,000 lawsuit may not have meant much to a lot of his fans, but the fact that he can miss the upcoming Olympic Games because of the Chris Brown/Drake fiasco may change things. According to reports, Tony Parker almost lost an eyeball during the bottle throwing fracas. Parker’s cornea was scratched in the fight, […]

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Tony Parker is suing W.i.P., the club were the infamous Drake vs. Chris Brown altercation went down, for $20 million after sustaining an injury to his eye during the melee. The NBA All-Star’s reasoning; the club should have never let Drizzy and Breezy in the club at the same damn time.