Take that, take that, take that, Lyft!

Lil Nas X has collaborated with one of music’s biggest pioneers. He and Elton John are the new faces of an Uber Eats advertising campaign.


In the age of COVID-19 people tend to forget that coughing on someone is considered assault as the virus is spread through the air and can infect and leave someone fighting for their lives.

Uber has issued an apology after a Twitter user pretending to be a customer of the ride-sharing service tripped the company into using a racist slur by changing their display name. In short, the company’s support team on Twitter replied back to the user who had the n-word as their display name.

Uber is investing in new areas such as scooters, bicycles and freight shipments and it’s proving to be costly for the company. According to self-reported financials, the company lost over $1 billion in Q3.

The NFL continues to be connected to drama. In the latest news one of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ star players has been accused of imposing himself on an unwilling female.

Adrien Broner seems to always be seeking the struggle. The pro boxer has reportedly been banned from Uber after acting a fool on a recent trip. 

With Uber contending with reports that the company is suffering billions of dollars in loss, it was banking on the success of a developing self-driving car program as it looked towards the future. However, those developments will surely be on hold after a woman in Tempe, Arizona was struck and killed by a driver-occupied autonomous […]

Popular ride-sharing app Uber shared it’s fourth-quarter financial reports and it showed the company loss jumped 61 percent in 2017. 

Uber and the popular ridesharing firm’s new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, has another mess to clean up thanks to the former CEO Travis Kalanik. The company revealed to Bloomberg News that they hid the fact they paid hackers to cover up a data breach in October 2016.

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Uber has lost its license to operate in London.

Travis Kalanick, the co-founder of transportation and food app Uber, has stepped down from the position of CEO for the tech giant amid chatter of troubled times at the company. Kalanick bent to the demands of shareholders, who have been asking for his resignation for months.