A Russian rapper opposed to the war in Ukraine reportedly died by suicide after being drafted. Walkie, 27, posted a video that served as a final testimony and suicide note.


On Wednesday (Sept. 7), social media was buzzing when the official Ukraine Ministry of Defense Twitter account quoted a Pusha T rhyme to announce the kind of damage they’ve inflicted on invading Russian forces, and now King Push has responded to the famous tweet.

Malcolm Nance, a former U.S. Navy intelligence officer, and author, revealed that he's no longer an analyst with MSNBC and has joined the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine. Speaking to Joy Reid in an interview from a secure location in the country currently under siege from Russia, he gave his reason for doing so: "I was through with talking about it."

The wayward pundit used her massive Twitter platform to show support for Vladimir Putin's assault on Ukraine, willfully tweeting "Russian Lives Matter" at the end of her misguided missive.


Russian rapper Oxxxymiron has announced that he’s organized a concert series against his country’s invasion of Ukraine. The concerts will be held in Turkey, and all of the proceeds are to support refugees who have fled Ukraine since February when the conflict began.

Mehdi Hasan, the MSNBC anchor, and host of the Mehdi Hasan show on the Peacock network blasted the overall media reporting on Ukrainian refugees while appearing on the network on Sunday. He noted how there seemed to be more attention paid to them being more "civilized" than those refugees fleeing conflict from African and Middle Eastern nations.


On Wednesday night, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a large-scale military operation would be carried out in the Donbas region in the eastern part of Ukraine. Military forces swarmed into Ukraine shortly after 5 A.M. EST, and Ukraine's President Zelensky declared martial law as his military assembled to defend the country. The U.S., NATO, and other countries have condemned the action by Putin, promising "severe sanctions".

The unrest in the Eastern European country of Ukraine has grown tense over the past few months since the beginning of the “Euromaidan” – or Eurosquare – protests. Since last November, protestors have been gathering in the capital city of Kiev calling for a change in government and now a new development has arisen. With […]

A synthetic form of heroin made with mixing codeine with a kitchen sink variety of other substances popular in Russia and the Ukraine has made its way to American shores. The appearance of the injectable drug, “Krokodil” has been discovered by physicians who treated a patient suffering from a flesh-eating reaction to using the product.

A 25-year old college student with an insatiable appetite for chewing gum met his end after the consumption of one piece blew him away, literally. The unnamed student, formerly attended Kiev Polytechnic Institute in the Ukraine, was doing work at his parent’s house when a piece of exploding chewing gum exploded forcefully propelled him from […]