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Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

On Wednesday (Sept. 7), social media was buzzing when the official Ukraine Ministry of Defense Twitter account quoted a Pusha T rhyme to announce the kind of damage they’ve inflicted on invading Russian forces, and now King Push has responded to the famous tweet.

Hours after the Defense of Ukraine Twitter account wrote “I put numbers on the boards” and broke down exactly how many Russian tanks, jets, and helicopters they took down, Pusha T retweeted their post and simply stated “Great taste in music for the win…”

Y’all know Drake somewhere a tad bit jealous that Ukraine didn’t quote any of his many hits.

It was a bit surprising to learn that Ukraine was familiar with Pusha T much less a lyric from his 2013 cut, “Numbers On The Board.” What we do know is that earlier this year, former U.S. Navy specialist in Naval Cryptology, Malcolm Nance went to Ukraine to help them in their efforts to combat invading Russian military forces, so maybe he was the one to put them on to Pusha T songs? Just sayin.’

Regardless of how Ukraine personnel got hip to one-half of The Clipse, it should be interesting to see if Vladimir Putin jumps out the window and bans Pusha T from Russia as he just recently banned actors Ben Stiller and Sean Penn for their criticism of his military invasion. While Pusha didn’t exactly weigh in on the political aspects of the current war overseas, just siding with Ukraine in any way might get you banned from Putin’s Mother Russia.

Who knows, maybe the Russian military Twitter account will quote a Drake lyric just to clap back at Push. Yes, they can be that petty.

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