Uncle Sam

Just when Lauryn Hill (and the rest of us) thought her tax troubles were a thing of the past comes this shocking news. The mother of six has been sentenced to three months in prison over her delinquent tax bill.

Rappers and tax issues go together like peanut butter and jelly, and Snoop Dogg is the latest in the long line of artists to lien with it and rock with it. 

Katt Williams likes to slap Target employees, throw cigarettes at women, and fight other comedians, but he might not want to go up against Uncle Sam. The troubled comedian has been hit with a tax lien, of just over$4 million.

Kelis may have been so consumed with getting into Nas’ pockets, that she forgot to keep her own finances in order. The singer, and ex-wife to God’s Son, owes the IRS over $300,000 in back taxes. According to reports, tax liens have been filed against her totaling, $330,426. The first claim was filed in March, for $177,989, […]

R.Kelly doesn’t appear to be strapped for cash, but for whatever reason he refuses to settle his tax debt. The “It’s On” singer owes Uncle Sam $4.85 million in back taxes, for bills dating back to 2005.