Nancy Lee Grahn is learning a valuable lesson that speaking on the struggles of Black folks incorrectly will set you up for embarrassment. Not only did the General Hospital actress come for Viola Davis after her historic Emmy win Sunday night, she must have also skipped class  during Black History Month because she didn’t know […]


Russell Simmons found himself in the middle of a controversy last night (August 14). Just weeks after announcing his latest online property, a controversial video spoofing the life of iconic abolitionist Harriet Tubman was released, sparking a firestorm of angry responses. Simmons has since pulled the video and apologized.


The Charles H. Wright Museum received an early Christmas present from the federal government with a $603,802 price tag attached to it, allowing the museum to run it’s new exhibit. Groundbreaking in design, the museum is partnering with Eastern Michigan University to create and interactive, “cooperative” Underground Railroad experience that is sure to wow visitors. […]