The world does not move without Black creativity and Lupe Fiasco is about detail how Hip-Hop plays into that fact. He has been slotted to teach a Rap course at MIT.

Jay-Z is doubling down on his commitment to empower Black and Brown people. His team is launching programming to teach the new generation the politics of the business.

Learning while Black is apparently dangerous too. A Chinese undergraduate developed a murder plot to get ride of his roommate via poisoning.

White people calling the cops on Black folks for no good reason isn’t anything new, but thanks to smartphones these cases are at least better documented. Most recently, a University of Texas at San Antonio student claims his white professor called police on a young Black woman for putting her feet up on a desk in […]

Cardi B is for the children. She is partnering with Tinder for a March Madness bracket style contest for colleges.

“I have come to regret. . .” is how Nikole Churchill starts her apology to her fellow Hamptonians. The latest in a line of Miss Hampton Pageant winners, the Hawaiian  born beauty officially apologized her peers and the world, attempting to make amends for taking a bad situation and blowing it completely out of the […]

Anyone that has ever attempted to join a fraternity or sorority signs up knowing the perils that may befall them for wanting to become members of the brother or sisterhood. In the decaying halls of America’s Historically Black College’s, the premise for joining social society’s are the same as any other, with the “dangers” and […]