The 24-year-old rapper born William Daniels was signed to Nas and his brother Jungle's labels, and reportedly died of COVID-19 complications.

In what should have been a peaceful gathering to honor the life and legacy of slain rapper Nipsey Hussle, things took a bad turn when rumors of gunshots in the crowd sparked a stampede. In the end, over a dozen people were injured in the aftermath of the vigil and stampede.

The Hip-Hop community is still deep in processing the sudden loss of Mac Miller just as he was set to embark on a tour for his recently released studio album, Swimming. To honor the life of the artist and producer, thousands of fans gathered at a childhood park he frequented in his native Pittsburgh.

Trayvon Martin has supporters from all walks of life. Today (July 19), Jay Z and Beyoncé attended a vigil held by Rev. Al Sharpton in Harlem for the murdered teen.