virtual reality

Nike is launching .SWOOSH, a web3-enabled inclusive digital community and experience and a home for Nike virtual creations.

Meta Connect 2022 concluded on Tuesday (Oct. 11) and the keynote address introduced the Meta Quest Pro and much more.

Anthony Martini, an executive who signed virtual struggle rapper FN Meka, reportedly used the n-word in his own hardcore band's music.

FN Meka, a rapper created in the realm of virtual reality, was the first to be signed by Capitol Records but was dropped due to controversy.

Megan Thee Stallion is bringing her signature knees and twerking to the world to a VR concert stage near you.

Meta, one of the leaders in the rapidly growing space, rolled out some stellar Black History Month Meta Quest content that covers live shows, innovative series, and much more.

Nelly's game-changing debut turned 20 in June and he celebrated it in the biggest way possible during these COVID-19 times. He performed the project from the intro to the outro for his die-hard fans.