NYC nightspots Greenhouse and W.i.P. were raided by authorities and shut down over the weekend. The latter is the same club where Chris Brown and Drake got into their infamous brawl. 

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Minya caught up with Meek Mill and Big Sean on BET’s biggest day to ask about the Chris Brown “I Don’t Like”  freestyle released early Sunday morning, where the pop artist fired shots at Drake over the June 14th incident where a melee ensued in the NYC night club, W.I.P., leaving many injured and egos bruised. […]

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Tony Parker is suing W.i.P., the club were the infamous Drake vs. Chris Brown altercation went down, for $20 million after sustaining an injury to his eye during the melee. The NBA All-Star’s reasoning; the club should have never let Drizzy and Breezy in the club at the same damn time. 

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As more sketchy details behind Drake and Chris Brown’s crew-on-crew fight continue to leak to the press, Rihanna has released her first statements on the matter. The singer was prodded by the paparazzi about the incident, but was obviously uninterested in answering questions.