Colin Kaepernick will continue to be a voice for the voiceless but now on a bigger platform. The activist is now partnering with one of the prominent media brands in the world to do so.


One of our long time requests has finally been answered. A cult classic is being revived for the culture.


Things went very left last at an iconic amusement park last week. A fight that got very nasty is now on the radar of the law.

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The love hate relationship between rappers and Twitter continues. Earlier this week, Kanye West pulled a “do over” on Twitterdom, deleting all of his previous Tweets with “BE BACK SOON” being the lone remaining message. But have no fear, Yeezy came back like cooked coke crack and went on a short diatribe bigging up the […]

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Even with the buzz surrounding Wu Massacre, the three members of the upcoming project are still making their rounds independently. The release of Wizard Of Poetry showed that rapper Ghostface Killah was a man of many faces and could present himself in various lights. Showing yet another side to himself, Tony Starks will now be […]


Head honchos at the “House of Mouse” are preparing to take their mega-corporation into the realm action fantasy and urban mythology by making moves to purchase legendary comic book publisher Marvel for nearly $4 billion dollars. The move, unprecedented in today’s tumultuous financial climate, would collectively join characters like the X-Men, Spider-Man, and The Incredible […]