weight loss

The Queens. N.Y. rapper, author, and TV host shed over 130 pounds since the pandemic struck.

While we continue to lose rappers by the week one MC is staying alive. On the low Action Bronson has lost a whole human in nine months.

Fif cleaned it up by saluting the Dungeon Dragon for getting back into shape, however.

Chef, entrepreneur, wife, and mom Ayesha Curry took some time out during quarantine to shed a few pounds, but not everyone is happy about how she chose to show it off. On Sunday (May 24), Ayesha Curry took to Instagram to show off a smoking new body that left a few fans sweating. In a picture taken by her NBA superstar husband, Steph Curry, Ayesha posted a picture of herself in a form-fitting bikini with the caption, "Took me long enough."

Jameela Jamil wants all you of you selling tummy tea and detox teas on Instagram to cut the nonsense out, and has a particular wish for all celebrities who have hopped on the bandwagon. The Good Place actress wrote via Twitter that she hopes all of those hawking the teas “sh*t their pants in public,” […]

Fat rappers are big in rap music, and they’re often secure with their rotund figures. Notorious B.I.G. never let his weight hold him back and Rick Ross is quick to go topless,  but Joe “Papa Joe” Aviance wasn’t as excited about his large figure.

Chaka Khan’s 60-pound weight loss has the singer comparing herself to a fellow curvy star: Nicki Minaj. The legendary singer took to Twitter last night to talk up her drastic weight loss— which has her looking about 20 years younger—and when fans started tweeting that she resembled Pepsi’s new spokesperson, she agreed.

Fat Joe Joins The Fight Against Childhood Obesity With A Concert For ‘Let’s Move!  Newark:  Our Power’   On January 23rd,  Fat Joe, will perform at an event celebrating the winners from Let’s Move! Newark: Our Power (LM!NOP), a program created by Behavioral Health & Fitness Expert, Jeff Halevy, to fight childhood obesity. After improving […]