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Fat rappers are big in rap music, and they’re often secure with their rotund figures. Notorious B.I.G. never let his weight hold him back and Rick Ross is quick to go topless,  but Joe “Papa Joe” Aviance wasn’t as excited about his large figure.

Aviance dropped 250 pounds by eating at the 99 Cents Only Store. The Los Angeles rapper and clothing designer, cut the fat after seeing the  music video for his 1999 dance hit “Last Night A DJ Saved my Life.”

The 400 pound  frame on the screen was motivation. “I said, ‘You know what? I’ve got to end this now,” he told ABC News. “I almost had a nervous breakdown. I went to the fridge and threw everything in the trash can. Cookies, candy, cakes, all the sugary items, everything.”

Setting out on a $50 a week diet plan, the 44-year-old found that the 99 Cents Only Store offered the biggest bang to buck ratio. “I start my day with eggs, carrots and this 49-cent yogurt,” Aviance explained. “I got my 2 percent milk, and I’m still less than $20.

“I call the 99 cent-only stores shopping at the HCWB – Health choices within a budget.”

It took 18 months, but Aviance was able to get the weight off and now he’s taking the cause to the streets launching a “Live for Life tour,” inspiring exercise and healthy food options. “I want to unlock this person inside of everybody to be the best they can be, and just let it shine.”

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Photo: pix 11/papa joe/facebook

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