Los Angeles resident Patricia Dunn's estranged husband was caught on camera crashing a dump truck into her house.

Ernie Barnes, the iconic artist known for his dynamic paintings of Black life, will be the focus of a new exhibit to be hosted at the UTA Artist Space in Los Angeles, California next February. Entitled “Ernie Barnes: Where Music and Soul Live”, the exhibit will feature 30 paintings from Barnes, most of which haven't been seen by the public before.

Rep. Karen Bass, elected as L.A.’s first woman mayor, vows to end homelessness in the city where more than 40,000 are unhoused.

Kaalan Walker, an actor and rapper who last starred in the 2018 "Superfly" reboot, was arrested that year on rape charges.

Inglewood rapper Half Ounce was shot and killed this past Monday and becomes the third rapper slain in under a month in Los Angeles County.

Sharing his message via Twitter, the orginal gangster shared why Los Angeles rappers are hardly seen wearing jewelry while in their home city

This week, XUPERMASK will offer its first-ever pop-up experience in Los Angeles, giving prospective buyers an exclusive look at the masks and other items for purchase.

On Saturday during a music festival, Drakeo was fatally stabbed backstage in Los Angeles as investigators are still seeking answers.

The Chicago native, along with her comrades, has announced the new Radical Hood Library, which puts an emphasis on servicing the Black and brown community first and foremost.

The LAPD is currently investigating the incident, which took place in the driveway of Caldwell-Pope's home.

According to published reports, Travis Scott is currently being investigated after he held a surprise event in Los Angeles for the release of his merch collection that accompanies his “Utopia in Dystopia” i-D cover shot by Spike Jonze and the city revealed that the event, that is accused of possibly breaking COVID-19 gathering rules.

Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood was effected by the coronavirus pandemic like many establishments, sparking them to shift their operations online.