A group of correctional officer trainees and other related individuals were officially fired after a photo surfaced of them performing a Nazi hand salute. Around 30 people were let go from a West Virginia academy for the gesture, and it appears that the instructor of the group evoked Adolf Hitler in having the cadets “hail” […]


Saira Blair, a Republican West Virginia House Delegate, made history in 2014 when she became the youngest elected official in the United States at the time at age 18. A video that Huffington Post has possession shows Blair and a friend rapping along to Lil Wayne‘s “Gonorrhea” track and drops the N-word bomb to boot.

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A man killed in West Virginia by an escort he tried to attack, and possibly murder, could be a serial killer, police are now saying. Neal Falls of Oregon was shot with his own gun on July 18 after he tried to kill the escort, but authorities found evidence that he might have already murdered several escorts and […]


Former Marshall University running back Steward Butler threw away his college career because of homophobia. Butler was arrested Wednesday (May 6) after he attacked a kissing gay couple last month and charged with misdemeanor battery thus getting him booted from the team.


If you had a reason or three not to eat at your local Pizza Hut, the fact that their employees could be urinating where the food is prepared may give you one more reason to take your lunch money elsewhere.