Friendship comes in all forms, and even though Kendrick Lamar and Lady Gaga seem like an odd pair, they share a mutual respect for one another. Fresh off his appearance at Chicago’s’ Pitchfork Music Festival over the weekend, Lamar checked in with Tony Sculfield of WCGI’s Morning Riot to speak on his highly anticipated debut, […]

Last week, Rhymefest called Chief Keef the representative of “senseless savagery,” and now he’s explaining his words. Speaking to WGCI’s The Morning Riot in Chicago, Rhymefest didn’t back down from his criticism of the teenager, but reiterated the root of his disdain. “I meant to say what I said. It’s really not about Chief Keef […]

T.I. sat down with WGCI’s Tony Sculfield and the Morning Riot and talked about Trouble Man, his new television role, family life and spoke on Azealia Banks. Check it out after jump.