Police in the city will now investigate Gwalla's death as a homicide.

Jay-Z’s commitment to social justice is unwavering. He has stepped up once again for the people who are fighting on the front lines.

According to published reports, Joe Biden was on the ground of the Wisconsin town to attend a community town hall meeting to discuss the ongoing violence against peaceful protestors nationwide and the shooting of Jacob Blake which rocked the community.

To use the former business mogul's words, Trump referred to the Kenosha, Wisc. officer as a "choker" under pressure.

It seems if the law can’t kill you they will dehumanize you in anyway possible. Jacob Blake is now the victim of racial profiling even after his brutal shooting.

Letetra Wideman, one of Blake's sisters, gave perhaps the most stirring comments at a news conference held in Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, Jacob Blake is in serious condition after police shot him in the back as he was walking away from them.

While Black people are fighting for equality all over the globe, reports of hate crimes and suspicious murders of young Black people are on the rise. The latest incident has left a Wisconsin community saying enough is enough. On Wednesday (Jun 24), Althea Bernstein, a Black woman in Madison, Wisconsin, sustained second- and third-degree burns after she was allegedly set on fire by white men yelling racial slurs while at a stoplight.

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A group of white students at Baraboo High School in Wisconsin found themselves the target of an investigation after many of them are seen in a photo giving what looks like a Nazi salute. The man who took the photograph claims he instructed the boys to wave goodbye to their parents in the staged photo, […]

John Valko, a co-owner of a Wisconsin bar, found himself under fire after he took to social media to call for the execution of NFL players who protest.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has become something of a firebrand as he continually makes rounds on political talk shows espousing his strong conservative views. Standing in stark contrast to Sheriff Clarke’s Uncle Ruckus routine is Milwaukee Police Department Chief Edward Flynn, who is a white liberal trying to make sense of the violence ravaging […]