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Common – “Stay Schemin Remix” (Drake Diss) [Audio]

Common – “Stay Schemin’ Remix” (Drake Diss)


Barely 9 a.m. and we already have shots fired! On Friday, Ross dropped his Rich Forever mixtape, which was quickly followed with a visual for the record “Stay Schemin.'” The song features French Montana and Drake with the latter clearly returning shots back at a few foes, which include Common.

Chi-Town’s finest didn’t waste anytime and has already returned fire in Drizzy’s direction.

 I heard you say, you wasn’t a Beyotch cuz you sing/You a Beyotch cuz you cling, like a Beyotch that’s 18!

Make no mistake, I’m talkin’ to Drake.


Shots confirmed. MTV Rap Fix debuted the song (which is Common tagging a verse to the end of the song) along with artwork that features Drizzy’s name replaced with “That hoe @ss ni**a.” As soon as the CD quality is available, we’ll have it for you.


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  • Champhf

    Preach common….. Preach…!!!! and the hiphop nation says…AAAMMMENN

  • J. Young

    He pretty much says everything I’ve said about Drake in conversations with my friends.  This guy (Drake) is Pop all the way.  I was listening to his song last night “Look What You’ve Done”, where he tributes his mom and tries to tell a story of his rocky existence before making it in music,  “Yeah just a young kid in a drop top Lexus/hopin that I don’t get arrested.”  The truth is, he grew up in an affluent neighborhood in Canada and this dude was a child star.  So I relate to Common calling him out for perpetuating a lifestyle that doesn’t reflect his true experience.  I imagine Drake’s response (if it doesn’t rely on the prowess of his label mates) will probably just bank on the fact that Common started this beef.  He’ll brag about how much money he has, how many albums he’s sold, how many tours and endorsements he has, and how many so-called Beyotches want him.  Drake doesn’t have the capacity to combat Common on any historical or political angle, so of course he’ll just praise capitalism and thank God that the bulk of his fan base is so superficial they’ll still be disillusioned by his faux gangsterism when this thing is over.  #prediction 

    • Random guy

      Being a fan of them both i find Com’s verse kinda weak. Especially after Drake’s verse. And when it comes to battling i dont know what else people lean on other then the threat of violence or their monetary value. Ive never heard any battle where someone brought any “historical or political angle” into it. Maybe you know about some. However when it comes to had the better verse, it was Drake. Maybe Common is jabbing him to set him up for a haymaker, but make no mistake, Drake does have lyrical ability. Neither Common or Drake have “street backgrounds”. I think a lot of people put too much emphasis on the fact that Common is from Chicago and Drake is from Canada. Neither of these two guys have that type of background so all that who has a rockier past stuff really doesnt matter to me. Common’s “the Beyotch in you” track and Drake’s “goodnight and goodluck” are two tracks where i think they better showcase their lyrical prowess.  Plus its kinda weak that their battling over a woman supposedly. 

      • Worf

        Ummmm con does have a street background…u must not be a true common fan

      • Worf

        Ummm they are not battling over a female…it all started bcuz drake felt some type of way about common song “sweet”, drake said a few words…Com said if that’s how u feel then I guess I am…and so on