French Montana

French Montana was a guest on 'Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson' and shared in the chat that he's completed a documentary that was produced by Drake.

A video shoot for French Montana in Miami Gardens, Fla. erupted into gunfire on Thursday (Jan. 5) leaving New Orleans rapper Rob49 injured.

French Montana already has his work plotted for 2023. DJ Drama has announced the newest Gangsta Grillz mixtape, 'Coke Boys 6.' 


Is it us or does New York City Mayor Eric Adams have a thing for rubbing elbows with celebrities?

French Montana is rolling with Canaday Dry. Today (April 7), the brand announced it has teamed with the rapper and entrepreneur, starting with a video for "Big Comfy:" which plays like a mirror into how he coped with the COVID pandemic, by partying comfortable at home.

French Montana wants to remind us that he can actually rap and doesn't need features.

On Twitter, a fan tried to take a dig at the Macaroni Wit Da Cheese by saying he doesn't have any hits without features, and the original Coke Boy shut the fan down with ease.


Whether or not Hov will be moved to shoot a music video for the joint though remains to be seen. We don't even know what the record sounds like but we already feel like a remix featuring Rick Ross is inevitable. Just sayin.'


Congratulations to the Bronx rapper for having the willpower to keep from falling off the wagon.

After going down with a significant knee injury back in October, Drake is back on his feet and enjoying a Turks & Caicos vacation with French Montanas in the middle of a pandemic.

You can't say French Montana is anything but confident. The Bronx rapper was up to his trolling ways, saying he could beat any rapper in a head to head battle of hits, besides a couple of exceptions.

The Atlanta rapper was among many who felt that the Coke Boys/Bad Boy Records star stepped out of bounds for challenging K-Dot, but it appears he went a little too far in his response on video.