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After years on his grind, French Montana is finally making a name for himself in the Hip-Hop world, and part of that hustle is self-promotion. In an interview with Complex, Montana talked about everything from marriage, to hollering at women, to new music, and his thoughts on the undying Drake vs. Common beef.

The Cocaine Records founder is the newest addition to the Bad Boy team, and with a new label situation on the books, he’s focused on cranking out more music with a forthcoming Coke Boys mixtape. According to Montana, even though it’s been three years since he’s dropped a Cocaine City DVD, he has every intention of revisiting the very project that helped get his name in the streets. “When I shifted to the music, I put the Cocaine Shyte to the side. You know, out of sight out of mind. I’ve only been focused on rap. But when I come back with it, the fans will be like, ‘Whoa, we forgot he had this.'”

What started out as a way to increase his fan base, turned into a platform for him to interview both major and underground artists, but despite the hiatus he’s confident that the public will continue to support the DVDs. “I think that people will still love it. It’ll still be that potent product. It’s still the stuff you don’t see on TV. People love the controversy.”

In the midst of his busy schedule Montana makes sure to remain devoted to his wife of five years, and his toddler son. “The most beautiful thing is making him smile,” he said. Yet even though he’s off the market, that didn’t stop him from shelling out relationship advice on getting a woman’s attention. “Tips? When I holler at women, I just let them know that I’m married and if I get with them, it’s a one night stand. Nah, I’m just joking. [Laughs.] Hollering at ladies—the tips I give people—ladies know what they wanna do when they first speak to you. They already decided if they’re gonna give you some pu**y. They’re smarter than you.”

Since he made headlines for implying that Drake wanted to fight Common, while talking up his own appearance on the “Stay Schemin'” diss, he finally set the record straight. This time around, Montana steered clear of making anymore jokes about the Young Money MC’s softer side, revealing that Drizzy would never even think of getting physical. “What I said, that was a joke,” he explained. “But they ran with it like Drake really told me he wanted to fight or something. It was just a joke. I feel like rap is a sport, and if it wasn’t for stuff like that, it would be boring.”

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