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Bangin’ Candy: Meet Joe Budden’s New Wifey Dazzle [Photos]


During an appearance on Sway In The Morning, Joe Budden spoke about some of his past relationships. The Slaughterhouse MC has a history of taking down some pretty bad females and while he didn’t disclose what his latest arm-piece’s name was, he did take the time to show us who she is. She goes by the name “Dazzle” on Twitter, which is a fitting name after seeing what she was working with.

One point that was made during the interview on Sway in the Morning was that each female that he’s been connected to has seen their profile rise. Budden mentioned that this new female companion isn’t a model nor video vixen. However, after seeing these pictures, she’ll surely find her way onto a future cover of Smooth, Black Men’s, KING, etc…

Continue on for the photos and let us know what you think of “Dazzle.”


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Photo: Joe Budden's Twitter

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  • SnM

    she’s just a big butt n a smile *kanye shrugs*

  • Mu$h da great

    Ive got to tip my hat to joe budden, he always manages to link up with a super bad chick..

  • audi

    My friend just met a chocolate man on Blackwhitehub.C0Mit’s where for men and women looking for interracial’ship for a fabulous lifestyle
    It’s a nice place for black white sing’les, to interact with each other…no bounds or extremes in front of true love.

  • tsj

    Any woman stupid enough to get with him after the Esther fiasco is dumb as hell! He has a proven track history of putting his hands on women. Wow

  • He’s attractive but look at those fist lol. After what happened to Esther Dazzle shouldn’t be surprised if he uses them…


    DANG!! Thats a whole lot!!
    Her face on the other hand :/ idk

    I always thought Joe B lookd good he jus has a problem keepn his hands to himself she taken a big risk wit that one…Esther is BADDER

  • whocaresaboutjoebudden

    Who is Joe Budden and who cares about him having new wifey material. This is a waste of time to put this on the internet. Nobody cares about who he is doing!!!

  • Glenycecobb

    He looks evil and she looks crazi!! Get outta here with this. Let them go and have fun together without the public being involved in who’s wooing who!! Its enuf drama on here about who’s doing who and who they use to do and what happenened and why it went down that way and yotti yotti yotti!!! Holla back when this dude puts some new music out…We the public dont care about his new wifey(s)!!!

  • NegRican24

    He is a blood engorged prick and any chick that gets with him after the sh!t that’s been said about him hasn’t an ounce of brains. 

  • azuuka

    Joe Budden is a rest haven for hoes