Whenever Joe Budden enters the chat, you just know things can go left, rapidly. Case in point, the rapper turned podcaster criticized actor Michael B. Jordan for his now infamous encounter with Lore’l of The Morning Hustle, but his defense of a Black woman didn’t get the all-positive reaction he may have been expecting.

Drake is somewhere just minding his business, and now his name is being brought up in a murder trial.

There appears to be a growing beef between The Joe Budden Podcast and the New Rory & Mal podcast according to these Twitter reactions.


Joe Budden has a whole lot of explaining to do. The New Jersey rapper turned podcast impresario recently admitted to having faked putting on a condom before having intercourse with a partner.

Joe Budden criticizes DJ Akademiks for airing a PnB Rock interview clip just as the Philadelphia artist was shot and killed in Los Angeles.

Adam22 was a guest on The Joe Budden Podcast and was challenged on his decision to revive content featuring the late relationship guru.

While appearing on the "Flip Da Script Podcast", Joe Budden revealed that Jay-Z wanted $250,000 to appear on the remix for his first smash single "Pump It Up". While the collaboration didn't happen, Budden regards the situation as a blessing and learning experience.


Method Man Reveals He Was Gonna "Snuff" Joe Budden At The Height of Their Beef But They talked It Out And He Didn't

The retired rapper and podcast host sat down with the TDE artist as the pair discussed sexual fluidity and more.

Joe Budden is back on his hosting grind as news broke that he will host a new show for Amazon's live radio platform, Amp. The show, "Music Lovers Only with Joe Budden", will feature the MC sharing his favorite songs from all eras and genres with listeners who will have the chance to engage as the show is broadcast live.

On a recent episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” the “Flex” rapper and unashamed Tory Lanez supporter decided to rufffle a few feathers at the expense of both…

Twitter is once again debating the merits of Budden's rapping abilities after veteran rapper Chuck D retweeted a much-ballyhooed top rappers list that listed the Queens-Jersey City star at number three.