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Joe Budden is unabashed in his opinions and observations on happenings within the culture, and his vocal support of Russell Simmons adds to that reputation. In a recent episode of his eponymously-named podcast, Joe Budden referred to Russell Simmons as “amazing” and added that despite the allegations, people will continue to love the mogul.

On episode 705 of The Joe Budden Podcast, Budden and his cohosts discussed a recent image of Usher with Simmons hanging out in the background after the R&B singer visited Bali.

The pod noticed that Usher made knowledge of his visit to Bali known after his Super Bowl halftime show performance, which probably could have come with some requisite criticism. Parks, one of the cohosts, pushed back at a point Ice made that nobody is giving Usher grief because he’s universally beloved. Parks confirmed that Usher did indeed catch some heat for the image.

This prompted Budden to launch into a missive stating that people love Simmons and that no matter how heinous the crimes are that he’s accused of, folks will continue to love and support him.

“here’s nothing y’all can do to make people stop loving Russell Simmons. Not a thing in the world. Not a thing in the universe is going to make people stop loving Russell Simmons for as many lives as he impacted,” Budden said.

He then added, “Not to negate anything he has done, that stuff, but to those who didn’t have that experience with him, he has been nothing but kind, gentle, sweet, generous, and amazing if you don’t have that horror story with him.”

Budden then shifted his focus from Simmons and said, “Nobody speaks to the side where the women were auctioning their p*ssy to move up in the ranks of the system.”


Joe Budden clarified again that he wasn’t referring to the alleged victims of Russell Simmons.

To hear this portion of the podcast, hop to the 1:56:00 mark below.

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