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There appears to be a growing beef between The Joe Budden Podcast and the New Rory & Mal podcast according to these Twitter reactions.

Joe Budden criticizes DJ Akademiks for airing a PnB Rock interview clip just as the Philadelphia artist was shot and killed in Los Angeles.

Adam22 was a guest on The Joe Budden Podcast and was challenged on his decision to revive content featuring the late relationship guru.

The Podfather, Joe Budden, is at it again with the Hip-Hop hot takes. This time, he's taking a shot at Megan Thee Stallion's star power when it comes to being a music star.

On the most recent episode of his eponymously named podcast, fans on Twitter have committed to taking his words out of context and assuming the host admitted to being bisexual, and the jokes are doing what they do on the social media network.

The original format appears to be no more as host Joe Budden fired one of his co-hosts live on air, leading to Rory Farrell and Jamil "Mal" Clay to address the split in brutally honest, but perhaps necessary fashion.

While host Joe Budden has his detractors, former(?) co-hosts Rory and Mal attracted the ire of DJ Akademiks in recent times and the media personality promises an epic Twitch session Wednesday (May 12) to address things.

Despite loads of success which is still ongoing, the show has experienced a moment many saw coming after Budden apparently fired Rory and ended the podcast as many knew it.

On Wednesday, the JBP Boyz joined host Joe Budden after a few weeks and it appears that loyal fans of the pod are excited about the news.

During an Instagram Live session, the retired rapper and media star shared that therapy is on the horizon for him and Rory while claiming he's introduced the idea via a phone call.

Akademiks has expressed his disdain for members of the podcast but not directly at his former 'Everyday Struggle' co-host in Budden.

For the second show in the row, Budden's familiar podcast partners were noticeably absent and fans online are wondering if it's over for the Patreon Boys.