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White Woman Dons Blackface On MTV’s The Challenge [VIDEO]


Some people just write the checks to catch the fade all by themselves. The latest on the fade administration watch list is MTV’s reality series The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes contestant Emily Schromm, a former member of The Real World: Washington D.C. cast. Emily, clearly still struggling with being raised in an oppressive religious environment, foolishly paraded around in blackface on the show, to which she found the reaction to her display overwrought.


Emily was making fun of her black ex-boyfriend and RW: DC alum Ty Ruff by covering her face with Nutella (there’s an obvious joke here we’ll avoid). Calling the act “funny, innocent, theatrical” all at once, young Emily failed to see how offensive this could be. Asking housemate Camila Nakagawa if the portrayal was racist and getting the go-ahead from her pal, Emily, fresh out of Missouri, goes on to mock Ty who gamely acknowledges the pair by saying sarcastically “that’s sorta not racist.”


Other members of the Challenge home were also appalled at Emily’s lame attempt at comedy, and it was clear she was enjoying herself with Camila. After some time, the jabs from the two seemingly affected Ty, a Baltimore native.

Emily, clearly not chemical engineer material, didn’t even realize the severity of her joke. “”I grew up really sheltered,” she said on the show. “I’ve never even heard of blackface.”

We think Emily is hip right about now. May we recommend she pick up a copy of Bamboozled.


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  • currvalicious

    Well these Beckys are the type of women that Ty Ruff and the like want to date, so when these woman go ham on them w/this type of behaviour they can’t get mad.  You can’t have it both ways, either the person of another culture you choose to date is going to be educated and aware, or not.  Goes to show, these people are mainly getting together for physical reasons.

    • getoverit

      So what if Ty put on a wig to impersonate some white rocker? Would that be offensive? I’m white and if I put chocolate on my face around my black friends they would think it’s funny. Better yet…my brother went to a Mavericks game with black face paint on him impersonating Michael Finley. Nobody lost their minds at the game. Get over yourself.

      • Typical

        I also recall the Nuggets and Mavs playoff series a couple years back when LaLa (Melo’s wife) almost got into an altercation with the Dallas faithful over the N-word being thrown around. Doesn’t surprise me that no one minds a little blackface around there. 

      • Ibdw2

        That’s ridiculous.. and totally offensive.  You need to study history and then you will see where black face originated and why it affects african americans they way it does.. I’m wondering what kind of people you hang out with that would think making fun of any race or person is funny.. how immature. Grow up!

      • currvalicious

        NO you need to get off this site, w/your ignorance.  There are just certain things that are intolerable and “black face” is @ the top of the list.  Come to NY we’ll be happy to “school” you, b/c it sounds as if you need to be.  Your so-called “black friends” who think it’s ok when you do it are even more ignorant than you. No wonder you’re friends.

      • Eve

        Get over yourself and the racial hatred that has been inbred into your DNA for several centuries!

  • Angelinme123

    her boyfriend was black so she put chocolate on her face to impersonate him. SO WHAT! She was not reaching back and doing an impression of a mistrial show.  He happens to be black what if she drew a mustache  on her face then what?

  • Sorry people…you just don’t do this…TY WAS OFFENDED…The average black person was offended… this is somewhere were you just don’t go…there is history behind this. This is a no…no…make fun but do it in taste…this was tacky and straight up racist. Black Boyfriends or not…you don’t have that pass. Respect is key and we will always have these problems until respect is shown across the color lines. MTV loves pushing the limits…they must take responsibility for even perpetuating this ongoing madness.

    Black Exodus “Diamonds” youtube check me out.

    • Ibdw2

      Not only was he offended but, the rest of the people who were white were offended.  People need to think before they act.. she wasn’t trying to be racist however, it was mean spirited and, inappropriate. GROW UP PEOPLE!

  • Oyinlacroix

    How can her impersonation be justified? She could have done that without putting that on her face. I have friends from all different races but the background from my ancestry says this is not right. In fact, it makes my blood boil. She was wrong… point blank, regardless if he likes to date outside his race. That is like justifying that if she wanted to call him a n*gger because she is pissed off. Whether it was a harmless joke on her part, it just was not smart at all. Personally, we would have had some words if I were on that show.

  • Bluekiss3255

    It can’t be justified. Period.