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Lil’ Kim Talks The Notorious B.I.G. & Shuts Down Rosci On BET’s 106 & Park [VIDEO]


Lil’ Kim stopped by BET’s 106 & Park yesterday to discuss the Notorious B.I.G. on the 15th anniversary of the rapper’s death. It was a pretty standard issue interview until Rosci attempted to ask about Nicki Minaj and was swiftly deaded (2nd vid below). That moment was edited out but the Queen Bee expressed her ire on Twitter. “I want to take this time 2 say #TeamLilKim & all my fans that came out 2 106. I f-cking love u guys. Y’all really turnt it up & represented,” tweeted Kim. “Even when Rocsi tried to get disrespectful towards the end & ask an unappropriate irrelevant question…on a day we are supposed to be celebrating my man , The Notorious B.I.G’s accomplishments.”

All Lil’ Kim had to do was answer the question honestly and it would have been all good, though. Also, check the old photos…Kim’s booty did not look like that before. Just saying. Watch the clips below. 

Lil’ Kim Shuts Down Rosci



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Photo: BET


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  • Get her Lil Kim!

  • MrsSteez4Steez

    What in God’s name has she done to her face and how can she think it’s beautiful?  Man, I still got mad love for Kim but Jesus, I wish she’s stop with the plastic surgery.  

  • Don

    i’m gonna start calling Lil kim plastic surgery. lol

  • regina

    Everything on her is FAKE!!
    Face: eye contacts, cheek fillers, lips, nose, moles on her face
    Body: boobs, hips, BUTT

  • I think Lil Kim (and many other aging celebrity women) would be so much better if she didn’t do so much  plastic surgery. There’s a line between aging gracefully (adding a little tuck here and there) and desperately trying to hold on to her youth. I think she unfortunately crossed it.  There’s nothing wrong with getting older. It’s a testament to your experience in life. Keep it real. 

  • currvalicious

    Well I guess Rocsi was attempting to do her job, and I guess Kim wasn’t addressing it, which is her right.  Why continue to add fuel to the fire.  On another note, Kim truly looks like a shell of her former self.  Are her hips padded, b/c it’s very pronounced around that area, I don’t remember her being shaped that way.
    Oh well, I wish her much success on her new project.  I’m sure it’s been a difficult 15 yrs w/o her mentor. She’s had to navigate these treacherous waters w/o B.I.G having her back and leading the way.  So more power to you Kim.

  • JustMe

    You guys are basically saying she’s ugly , but no one knows the story behind it . In a interview once Kim said boys use to tease her about she looked , all she wants to do is feel beautiful . Just leave it at that .

  • TeeBabe

    She looks horrible. Is she following after the Kim Kardashian and Nicky Minaj fad with the padded fake booty??? Kims wack. Nicky’s wack. Rap is a dead art. 

  • 334ladyM

    No respect for Faith Evans I see.  BIG was her husband for God’s sake.

  • BIG would not recognize her.

  • Dizzydae

    I agree 1000% wit kim it was about biggie. Not her beef wit nicki.