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Get A J.R. Smith’s-Eye View Of Tahiry From The Bedroom [PHOTOS]


New York Knicks Shooting Guard, J.R. Smith is a tweetaholic and we love him for it. No matter what is going on whether it be a win streak, losing streak, working out, watching TV, or simping on vixen Tahiry, J.R. will tweet about it. For those who have followed the NBA pro on Twitter, his courtship of Joe Budden‘s ex-flame has played out for all of social media, and it looks like Joe might be at his breaking point.

Last night, J.R. Smith tweeted a photo of Tahiry’s famous cakes from a view only a lucky few people have experienced.

Although Joe Budden has shown that he was happy for Tahiry and her new found flame, Joe’s recent tweets might suggest his patience is wearing thin on the woman he made famous. “Even the high road ends,” Budden tweeted shortly after the picture was posted. After that, a series of back and forth subtweets seemingly directed at each other went on. Check them out on the slideshow.

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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/B45WYELSOONY4QDVRFYBWJCEG4 John

    Who in the $%^& would think that looked good????

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DQ64ZY7MGL7EGT6UWGYTXIVQGY Kristan

      sounds like a white guy talking

    • big e

      Shidd me nicca…..lol

  • Kandykane

    I just got a whiff of stank a**

    • http://www.facebook.com/misstruth.hurts MissTruth Hurts

      Yanno, and after finding out she has herpes I really smell burning motor oil *lol*